Videos for Our Grandfather Story

Creator of Agree to Disagree infotainment series supported by IMDA
Roles include producing, writing, directing, hosting, and social media strategy

watch the full series here

Hosted videos under OGS’s series Field Trip and Today I Learnt
From explainers about Singapore’s general elections to exploring endangered monkeys in Mandai park

other videos I directed, produced, edited, or wrote for OGS

other videos I’ve directed

The Good Oil, 2019
Screened at Looking China closing ceremony Beijing 2019

Two Islands Documentary, 2019
Screened at Short and Thick Film Festival (STAFF) in Korea, the 10th Cambodian International Film Festival, and at the National Archives of Singapore

The Future is Female, 2018
A short documentary on the Naiskodukaitse, Woman’s Voluntary Defense League in Estonia.

Batter Together, 2018
A short documentary on two women cricket enthusiasts in Estonia.

The Karen Elephant Sanctuary, 2017
A short documentary on the struggles of Asian elephant conservation at the new Myanmar Myawaddy Elephant Sanctuary.